Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inter-Florida FluXus Tour Book Release

Fluxus performance artists Wood, Altemus, Maltos, Lloyd, and Buchholz tour Florida in 2010, performing at the Dali Museum, Artpool, Kennedy Space Center, Jaffe Center for Book Arts, Burt Reynolds Museum, and other locations. Photos and art illustrate the pages in a documentary of this event. Published by Tropichacha Press; 2011; 6" x 9", perfect binding,  full-color; 44 pages; $19.99 print or $2.99 downloadable PDF
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This book has entered the collection of:
The Archive Artists Books and More - Münche, GERMANY

This is a great companion to the scores book also available in limited numbers from the Tropichacha Press Storefront at

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FLUXUS Scorebook Enters Collections

The book can be found in the following collections:

  • Henie Onstad Art Centre - Norway
  • artestudio morandi - Italy.
  • Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive – Florida
  • MOMA – New York
  • Anna Banana Archive – Canada
  • Jaffe Center for Book Arts – Florida
  • ArtPool Research Center – Hungary
  • Cesar Espinosa's Visual Poetry Bienals Archive - Mexico
  • Ben Vautier Archive – France
  • Francis Van Maele’s Redfox Press Collection– Ireland
  • Picasso Gaglione Collection - Illinois
  • John M. Bennett - Ohio 
  • Ohio State University – Ohio
  • San Francisco State University’s Leonard Library – California
  • Oberlin College – Ohio
  • Jean Sellem Archive of Experimental and Marginal Art - Sweden
  • Walter Cianciusi, Centro Ricerche Musicali - Italy
  • Dobrica Kamperelic, Triennial Pum - Serbia
  • Black Mountain College – North Carolina
  • MCA - Chicago
  • Ken Friedman Archive - Australia
  • Geoff Hendricks Archive - New York
  • Larry Miller Archive - New York
  • Alison Knowles Archive- New York
  • Beineke Collection at Yale - Massachusetts

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